December 19, 2000

Hello – 19th December 2000

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Dedicating the Success of Her New Venture to Her Beloved Late Sister

Susan George Tells Why Christmas Will Be Tingled With Sadness

It won’ t be stockings but stable duty for Susan George on Christmas morning. In “scruffy jeans and a flat cap”, she’ll be outdoors early, feeding, watering and hanging hay nets for her 20-odd Arabian horses. It’s a long way from Hollywood for the star of Straw Dogs and many other films, but the 12-acre Northants stud farm Susan shares with her husband, actor Simon MacCorkindale, is the fulfillment of a long-held dream. (more…)

August 1, 1996 – OK – August 1996

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How we cheated death on the M40

Although I have a hard copy of this article, it’s better to read it at this other Simon fan-site – feel free to browse the rest of the site as it’s worth a visit.

‘I was doing rather well until all the nurses left and I was on my own. I went completely cold and began to shake furiously. I cried quite hysterically, and I could hear Simon in the next room saying, “It’s all right.” At that moment, I wanted to see his face to know that he was OK. He was up on his feet and came into my room. “We looked at each other, and there were huge smiles on our faces.’

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June 29, 1996

Hello – 29th June 1996

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Susan George In Motorway Crash With Husband Simon

Susan George and husband Simon MacCorkindale had a narrow escape earlier this week when the car they were travelling in crashed on the M40 in Oxfordshire.

The couple were taken to Radcliffe Infirmary where Susan was treated for a head wound and Simon, who injured his neck, was kept in overnight for observation.

The couple were on their way to London for the Stella Artois tennis tournament when the accident happened. Their Range Rover hit the central barrier, somersaulted

April 13, 1996

Hello – 13th April 1996

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An Arabian Night in Dubai and a Day At The Races For The Horse-Loving Acting Couple

Susan George and Simon MacCorkindale, both great horse lovers, glance across the paddock enclosure with wonderment written across their faces. “We’ve been to race meetings all over the world, but we’ve never seen anything quite like this,” says Susan. “There is something very special about this race, which has attracted the world’s best horses, owners, trainers and jockeys.” (more…)

May 13, 1995 – Hello – 13th May 1995

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Susan George and Simon MacCorkindale

The acting couple shows us the dream farm that’s allowed them to put down their roots and provides a break from their hectic film careers

Although I have a hard copy of this article, it’s better to read it at this other Simon fan-site – feel free to browse the rest of the site as it’s worth a visit.

Susan George and Simon MacCorkindale have been cruising along the movie world’s jet-set super-highway for over 20 years. They have probably spent more time in exotic film locations than in their native Britain. Even on their wedding day they were to be found exchanging sacred vows on the paradise isle of Fiji.
But now Susan, at 44, and Simon, at 43, have finally stopped roaming – and it is largely due to the farm they have just moved to on the edge of an old-world village.

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October 30, 1993

Hello – 30 October 1993

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Susan George

With Her Husband Simon MacCorkindale At Their Berkshire Home Talks About Her Family, Her Beloved Father, And The Importance Of Her Adored Red Setters

Running a film production company from their Berkshire home allows Susan George and her husband Simon MacCorkindale to combine their careers with their passion for red setters.

Both Susan and Simon are best known for their acting roles but their company, Amy International, is proving a powerful player in the independent film world. They made Stealing Heaven in 1987 and two years later White Roues won the Tokyo Film Festival’s Grand Prix. A TV film on the life of missing peer Lord Lucan and a mini-series, a 19th-century love story called The Liaison, are scheduled for next year. (more…)

May 29, 1993

What’s on TV – 29th May – 4th June 1993

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Susan GeorgeThird time lucky

Susan George is reunited with Dennis Waterman this week, and remembers their last, rather deadly screen get-together…

Susan George remembers vividly the last romantic screen moment she had with Dennis Waterman, way back in 1971. ‘Dennis played my boyfriend in the film Fright,’ says the actress, who first worked with Dennis in The Right Attitude?, a 1968 TV drama. ‘We had to kiss, but in the next scene he was murdered and spent the next few weeks of shooting lying around playing a corpse! It was a high price to pay for a kiss.’ Now they are reunited in the new series of Stay Lucky, starting this week. (more…)

June 2, 1992

Women’s Realm – 2nd June 1992

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I’m a fighter, he’s a diplomat

Once best known for her friendships with Rod Stewart, Jack Jones, Jimmy Connors and Prince Charles, Susan George — with husband Simon MacCorkindale — is now usually behind rather than in front of the cameras

Most people would be hard-pressed to name more than a handful of Susan George’s films. She may be famous, but stunning Susan isn’t all that happy with her career. “My capabilities are endless, and they’ve not been used,” she says. (more…)

July 21, 1990 – Hello – 21st July 1990

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Simon MacCorkindale and Susan George
Life, love, and working together has created their happy marriage
Britain’s glamorous screen couple give their first interview to Hello!

Although I have a hard copy of this article, it’s better to read it at this other Simon fan-site – feel free to browse the rest of the site as it’s worth a visit.

Says Simon: “Susie was like a breath of fresh air and I simply fell in love with her. I wouldn’t have married again (his first wife was Fiona Fullerton) if I didn’t think it was going to be for life, but I feel Susie and I have as much chance as any couple of going through a lifetime together. She’s taught me to play more and laugh more. She’s given me a sense of fun.”
They share that sense of fun at a fabulous riverside mansion in leafy Buckinghamshire where they invited HELLO! for this exclusive interview.

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July 3, 1989

Women’s Own – 3rd July 1989

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Susan GeorgeKeeping Up With The Georges!

Susan George has her hands full with her biggest production yet. What will the neighbours say? Photograph by Brian Aris

Bundles and bundles of joy-and all in her own back yard! “Seeing Kelly give birth to, all those puppies was one of the most thrilling experiences of my life. Something I will always remember,” says Susan George. Praise indeed from the highly successful actress whose first film as a producer, Stealing Heaven, is doing brisk business.

Kelly is the three-year-old who’s been bounding around Susan’s country home in Berkshire, ever since the Irish setter was a playful pup of eight weeks. She came from Dorking, complete with an impressive pedigree, and when she gave birth it was a particularly moving moment for Susan. (more…)

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